Homes Staged Before Listing Sell 90% Faster!

Staging Vacant Homes is our specialty.  Our Staged homes get offers within days to just a couple of weeks.

Whether you want to believe it or not, 90% of buyers cannot imagine living in your house. They cannot imagine what to do with that open space that you think is so great (which it is).

They have no clue how to even begin to arrange furniture and warm it up. So, why would they even think of buying it? They wouldn’t!

The goal of home staging is to sell a home fast and for top dollar.

The entire point of staging a home is to romance the buyer. You’re appealing to them on an emotional level, not a rational one. It’s most important to create an environment they will want to “imagine themselves living in”.

Give them that “this is home” feeling, even if they don’t consciously know exactly why.

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