Poorly Staged Homes for Sale

When a home is poorly staged, it can be just as bad as not staging it at all.

When buyers are walking around a home and they see furniture and accessories that not only don’t make sense but make them feel sad or uneasy, it can be just as bad as leaving it empty.

Take for instance this bedroom that was staged in one of the homes that we later staged property, as you can see, the home owner tried to be creative but instead of making you feel good about this guest room, it gave of feeling of loneliness, at least to me anyway.

These types of felling are not what you want a potential home buyer to feel while touring a home.

The guest bedroom before was staged with a bright colored busy print chair with a side table, mug and book.

Guest Bedroom (Before)

After we properly staged this guest room, it felt inviting, comfortable and a place to relax.

Staged Properly (After)

This house was on the market for over 4 months before we came in a staged it without any interest or offers. Once we staged it, it not only had interests but offers and within 32 days was under contract.

In my opinion, the quality of staging does matter. It’s important to check a Home Stagers work prior to hiring them and make sure that their style is what you are looking for.

Michelle Reynolds

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