New Study -Why Home Staging Is a Must…

Why Home Staging Is a Must (Infographic)

RESA Home Staging Statistics Report 2016

The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA®) has recently released its annual home staging statistics report. Members from North America (and some countries in Europe and Australia) had contributed and put together all data to support the benefits of home staging to home sellers, and why home staging is a must when it is time to sell.

Based on the statistics, a property  that is NOT staged stays on the market for at least 26 weeks (more than 6 months!) A long time considering all the carrying costs and the stress associated to it.  After staging, these stale listings sold in an average of 41 days.

On the other hand, homes that are staged before it hits the market sells in an average of 23 days (what a difference!). Which means homes that are showcased and staged properly from the get go sells 90% faster than homes that are  listed on the market “as is”.

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