For Investors

Home Staging – the best tool that helps Home Buyers imagine themselves living in a house and loving it. – Home Staging is not just a marketing tool for traditional sellers. Home Staging is also a key tool for marketing Investor properties.

Some Facts:

Staged homes sell much faster and usually for money then vacant homes.

90% of home buyers cannot imagine what to do with a space. Helping them visualize by staging a home properly will help them fall in love with the house regardless of its flaws.

Staging does disguise flaws to a large degree.

We can help finance the staging:

Many investors fall short of cash by the end of their projects. Either they left the staging cost out of the budget or many times went over budget and don’t have the money to do the very last Important thing to sell the house.

Well we can help… Ask about our finance terms We can help. We know that many times there’s just not enough money at the end so let us help.

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